Black Female Entrepreneur Launches A Subscription Box Service Full Of Products For Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers!

Overwhelmed With What Products to Buy For Pregnancy?

This is your first pregnancy and you know you need products but don’t know where to start. You see all sorts of products from pre-natal vitamins, belly support items, skin lotion, and special pillows. Don’t look to far… “The Lena Rose Box”(website) has you covered!

Pregnancy/Postpartum Product Service

The Lena Rose Box(website) is a mindfully curated box filled with healthy self-care products to assist expecting moms though the journey of pregnancy and postpartum. Founder Ebony Brown, wanted a subscription service that promoted physical well-being and breaks down any stigma related to African American women in pregnancy and postpartum.  After she gave birth to her daughter, Lena, and going through a rough postpartum period, she launched this brand for the self-care in motherhood.

Black Women and Postpartum

Up to 20% of women develop a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, such as depression, anxiety, & OCD, either during pregnancy or in the year after giving birth.  According to, the risk for black women is TWICE as high (yes 40% chance).  Fewer black women get help for these conditions because we are socialized and raised with the goal of being strong.  With that “always strong” mindset we try not to express emotions and reactions.  But postpartum is serious and women shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.  That’s why Lena’s Rose Box will be helpful with these steps!

Lena’s Rose Box(Website)

Each month you will receive a box filled with tips, resources, & healthy products to pamper and promote your physical and mental being.  These products can alleviate any stress or anxiety that can come along the journey to motherhood.  They also contain special items for the baby too!

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