Black Female Entrepreneur Launches Telecom Company That Is Already Valued Over $5 Million!

What is your dream company?

Meet 24 Year-old Alabamian, entrepreneur Chaymeriyia Moncrief who started a telecom company because of her own bad experiences with large carriers.


“Tesix Wireless” launch is set for this year, with over 3000 early wait list subscribers.  In addition to the waitlist they have gained attention from private investors and received offers taking the company to $5.9 million in value.

Moncrief states, “I know that I am stepping into a crowded market with other telecom companies to go up against but that doesn’t set me back.  We at “Tesix Wireless” find great advantage in being able to offer slightly less competitive rates, fee-less monthly bills, more flexibility, connecting with our customers on a more personal level, and peer to peer travel.

Tesix Wireless has no plans of opening any worldwide storefronts like many carriers.  They want to keep their rates low and affordable and in order to achieve this goal they must eliminate excessive overhead costs. Talk about building an enterprise!!

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