Black-Owned Beauty Products Brand “Urban Hydration” Partners With Big Retailers Such As Walmart, Target, and Sally Beauty Store To Reach Consumers!

Are you looking for an amazing skin-care product for your skin???

As a black family, Psyche & Vontoba Terry wanted “Natural and Sustainable” products for their skin.  Both founder battle with Eczema (an itchy inflammations of the skin).  Different products they tried (can you guess) only irritated the skin more so they started a journey to research.  They knew they wanted products contained vitamins, natural extracts, and oils.

What is their key ingredient?

The focus of this black-owned product is coconut oil.  CEO Psyche stated, “I would dare anybody to find products formulated such as ours at a price point that can beat ours.” Not only are “Urban Hydration” products sustainable they are also affordable. All products are under $15.00—WOW!!

Generational Black Wealth 

This amazing duo is creating a black enterprise. In addition to their skin products they also have a clothing line, “Urban Intimates.”  As a black owned business they are family-owned that care about their customers and their community.  They developed a scholarship and also serve on the Boys and Girls Club. This black enterprise is spreading. With their major partner retailers they are reaching a bigger consumer base.  Please support this “black magic’ by purchasing some of their affordable and amazing products!


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