A Black-Owned Company That Creates All Natural & Handmade Hand & Skin Products That Can Help With Different Conditions Including Traction Alopecia.

Jasmine Taylor Organics(website) is a company that creates all natural line of products handcrafted for the hair, skin, and home.  All products are made to order, Paraben & Sulfate free, and are safe for all hair/skin types.

Benefits Of Natural Products

  • Naturally Scented– When ingredients are natural/organic, everything is naturally scented. You will be able to notice the difference between an imitation fragrance and a natural fragrance.
  • Softer skin– Your skin will be softer because there no agents in natural/organic products.
  • Clearer Skin– Your skin might clear up because you might be breaking out due to the toxins in the products you are currently using.Switching to a natural/organic product might be the cure for you.
  • Save Money– You can save money because you might not use as much products. The average consumer buys products from a variety of brands with prices that vary from a few dollars to a couple hundred dollars.

Inspiration Behind the Product

Elisa, the creator of Jasmine Taylor Organics (website) was inspired by her diagnosis with Traction Alopecia in 2017.  She was tired of doctor’s visits, scalp injections, bald spots, and topical medications.  She wanted to fix this problem because there was no luck with chemical based medications. She began to research and started handcrafting oils.  She found the perfect product to stimulated hair growth and realized that if it worked for her it could work for someone else. “She hopes her products help you as much as they helped her.”

To purchase visit: www.jasmine-taylor.myshopify.com

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