Did you know…. Only less than 3% of all commercial aircraft pilots in the United States are black. Courtland Savage created a program “Fly For the Culture” to help to change those statistics.  He is the founder of this nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting diversity within the aviation industry.

Background of Founder- Courtland Savage served his country as an enlisted AirForce Reserve crew chief on the C-17 Globemaster in Charleston, South Carolina and as an officer in the U.S. Navy.  He became a licensed pilot at the age of 17 in his hometown of Mount Holly, North Carolina.  The lack of diversity in the aviation industry lead his drive to create this amazing organization.

Fly For The Culture A culture of diversity and inclusion that enhances the flying experience for all those who wish to soar amongst the cloud.  This organization provides a free of charge introductory flight.  Participants will experience a general aviation flight with a licensed pilot in a Cessna 172 or similar aircraft.  This program also provides a mentor-ship program for those children who want to pursue a career in the aviation industry.  “Most minority kids don’t even know it’s possible nor have seen pilots that look like them in airplanes, so we show them by putting them in a plane with a black pilot and taking them flying for their first time ever” states Savage.



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