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Address: 438 Lincoln Pl Ste 181
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Imagine advertising your artwork in Times Square.
Now picture Times Square online. We Know City digitally showcases visual art to buyers, curators, and galleries online utilizing a 24hr slideshow.
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We provide customized promotional services for visual artists on our site and all of our social media pages. Teaming up with art professionals and art influencers allows us to present your art to a broader audience.

There’s simply too much talent out there to go unnoticed. We have created a platform to spotlight artists from all walks of life, from graffiti, to contemporary, to sculpture, to motion art. We even create art descriptive videos that spread the word about your masterpieces even further.

We seek out up-and-coming artists particularly because we have been in their shoes, trying to get your work acknowledged and promoted by reputable companies and being turned down. Even after providing our services, we still support and rave about our artists when they have solo exhibitions and great milestones in their artistic journeys.

Your talent will speak for itself. It just needs to speak to the right person. We Know City was created to bridge that gap and be the spokesperson for extraordinary artistic souls.

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