Danielle McGee created the platform Black Business Boom which is a rising e-commerce marketplace geared towards black owned businesses.  Black purchasing power is estimated to be at $1.2 trillion dollars and her mission is to make sure those dollars are being circulated within the black community.  Black-owned businesses suffer when it comes to advertising their services, so McGee believes “we must create actionable ways to dispel the myths and bridge the gap between black-owned businesses and consumers.”  On this platform, owners will be able to offer coupons and incentives to customers to help grow their business worldwide.

Black Business Boom offers a mobile app that is available on IOS and Android. According to (website) they have coupons for nearly 400 black-owned businesses in several cities in the US in several industries.  Owners can register on three different price levels. Customers can earn rewards with customized loyalty programs.  As a business owner you have the opportunity to build a customer base.  McGee has said this platform is a way to decrease the amount of money black-owned businesses have to spend on marketing.  If you’re a consumer download the mobile app and if you’re a business owner register your business.

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