Are you looking for black-owned businesses to support
but not sure where to find them? 
The Black Dollar Movement has you covered with the digital “Greenbook.”  This is an online black business directory of different products and services nationwide. There are currently over 30 Black-Owned  businesses and the list is growing daily.

The History Behind The Original Greenbook- The Greenbook was a guide that was established between 1936-1966 that listed hotels, gas stations, and restaurants around the nation that would be hospitable to black visitors. For African Americans traveling during segregation, trying to find accommodations presented serious dangers. Even if you were wealthy or known it was hard getting services because you were “black.” Victor H Green, a 44 year old postal carrier in Harlem created the guide from experiences and recommendations from black members of his postal service union for “The Negro Travelers Greenbook.” It was a 15-page directory listing establishments that welcome blacks. Green charged $.25 for the 1st edition and and $1 for the last edition.

The Black Dollar Movement Greenbook– Our concept is similar. We have entrepreneurs enroll their black-owned business on to our site so consumers are aware of what products and services are in each state. We charge a business a time fee of $7. We hope to continue to grow this digital online directory and the next stop is to make a mobile app.

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