A Black Atlanta Based Licensed Therapist Launches a Program to Assist in Sexual Education, Esteem & Relationships in the Community!

Did you know Black/African American’s count for a higher proportions of new HIV diagnoses and people living with HIV compared to other races/ethnicities? (Read that again)


Cherlisa Jackson, is a PhD candidate, with a Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance, a Masters in Public Health, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, combining all expertise to research Herpes Simplex Virus-2 in African American females. Certfied as Health Education Specialist and licensed as a Therapist for counseling, she has specialized in relationships, sexual health, and esteem for over 5 years, and psychiatric health for 13 years.  She is the owner and operator of S.H.E.E.R. (Sexual Health Education Esteem & Relationships).  She is also the co-owner and co-operator of “Why Notify” a digital advocacy campaign powered by Google with a direct mission to increase the number of sexual partners notifying each other of their sexual test results to 50% by 2020!

STD’s In The Black Community

The infection rate for sexually transmitted diseases among African Americans and Hispanics, particularly young people, continues to be greater than that of whites, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual report. “Unfortunately, we are seeing a disproportionate burden of the STDs among African Americans and Hispanics and young people,” Dr. Kevin Fenton, director of the CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDs, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention, told The Root in a telephone interview. “These trends reflect the harsh realities of socioeconomic disadvantages that are taking place as a result of the economic downturn. The people contracting the diseases likely do not have access to health care. Other factors include employment. All of these things need to be addressed through education in the community.”


www.sheerllc.com(website) is located in Atlanta, Georgia and offers therapy services, workshops, and sexual health education; both in-person and online.  Their objective is to help build self-worth for individuals, strengthen relationships for couples and families, and guide informed decisions for the sexual health needs of adult individuals and couples. They have a mailing list on the site that you can subscribe to and get up to date information about their services.

Their mission/vision statement is to inspire informed decisions, and to empower wisdom through broken pieces.

www.sheerllc.com is always welcoming new clients!!



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