What is holding you back from following your dream?


Dr. Martez L. Prince decided he wanted to make an impact in his community. He had to decide what he could do with his doctorate degree in pharmacy.  Dr.Prince worked 5 years at Rite Aide Corporation and saw his self successfully climbing up the corporate ladder.  But that wasn’t enough for him.  He felt that the company focused more on the financial gain and not the actual customers.  “I saw so many people walk in and out of the pharmacy and not really understand their health and well being,” he stated. With his extensive background and dream Dr.Prince decided to open “Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center.”

Pharmacy Information

Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center is an all inclusive pharmacy that is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  They offer more than just pharmaceutical services, such as; performing basic on site health screenings with their on-site nurse practitioner.  Premier has a membership program and offers discounted rates to those who can’t afford insurance. Dr. Prince has made his dream come true, hopefully he has inspired you to do the same!

Website: www.yourwellnesskey.com

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