Palm International, First Black-Owned Company to Offer New Life Products From Dr. Sebi’s Protege!

Would you like a natural solution to some of your illnesses? Look no further!

Who is Palm International?
Palm International(website) is the first Black-owned company to carry New Life Products of the Bahamas here in the United States.  Their purpose is to help people who are suffering from different diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes find an herbal solutions.  Palm International (website) takes pride in high quality.  Each of their products are designed with life’s situations in mind.  The products they carry are made using a combination of natural, wild crafted, & organic herbs.  Their site(website) has an enormous amount of information on different herbs.

Background Of Dr.Sebi
Dr. Sebi was a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist who studied and observed herbs.  He is known for developing a unique approach to healing the human body with alkaline herbs for over 30 years!! (yes 30 years).  He desired this journey after being diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, impotency, and obesity and receiving unsucessful treatments.  He then went to an herbalist in Mexico and found great healing success. After these successful treatments he developed an intercellular Chelation to revitalize the body’s cells and expel toxins. He was said to have given medical advice to Lisa Lopes, Steven Seagal, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy, and Michael Jackson.  He was the founder and instructor of the USHA Research Institute which was successful in curing multiple diseases.

New Life Products
These products were developed by students that attended Dr. Sebi’s USHA Research Institute.  Their research was designed to find products that are organic, natural, and assist with body healing. New Life is based in the Bahamas and was founded in 2010.  This team of developers believe diseases like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, fibroid tumors, blindness, and herpes are due to a compromised mucous membrane. Their objective is to empower individuals and families to acheive and maintain optimum health.

“The herbal products they sell have made a difference in my health as well as my life I wouldnt shop anywhere else for my herbal products!”~Consumer Darrel Edwards

To start your journey of a holistic approach to healing visit (website)

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