Have you watched “Free Meek?” A 5-episode documentary on Amazon which walks us through the story of injustice multi-award winning rapper Meek Mill has faced.

Robert Rihmeek Williams was convicted of a gun and drug charge in 2007, that resulted in a 12-year legal battle that saw him in and out of jail over petty offenses.  He recently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of gun possession in exchange for having all charges dropped.

How many family members or friends do you know that the justice system has held hostage such as this case?

Meek Mill wants CHANGE! He teamed up with hip hop mogul Jay-Z and other business executives and leaders to execute a change in the justice system.


Reform Alliance  is an organization who will be able to get American’s off parole and probation who lack financial wealth and celebrity status. The goal of this alliance is a mass overhaul of the criminal justice system, specifically when it comes to probation and parole which maintains a firm control on more than 4-5 million American’s who have already served their time.  Mill has discussed the fact that his legal battles would have lasted longer if it wasn’t for his celebrity status and wealth.


  • 6 million people are currently in the criminal justice system in the United States.
  • 5 million of those people are currently on parole or probation many for well beyond a reasonable term.
  • $80 billion is the amount spent on corrections annually-far more than any other country in the world.
  • Black male offenders have received longer sentences than their other counterparts.

Please visit Reform Alliance to find out more about this movement!!


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