Scotch Porter, A Men’s Grooming Line of Products That Are Toxic Free, Affordable, & Black-Owned

“Like magic your swagger soars to 100, and you’re ready to take on the world.” (Calvin Quallis)

Calvin Quallis is the founder of Scotch Porter products.  He was inspired to quit his corporate job and follow his dream of making people feel good. He started small in his kitchen making different products and selling them to local barbershops.  His goal was to make a solution for Men that was not toxic or carcinogenic.  With that goal and his hard work a black enterprise was started.


These products are fresh, handmade, and provide solutions to REAL problems.  You might ask what real problems do they help?? Well ingrown hairs is one.  Scotch Porter products, help ingrown hairs by making your skin as moisturized as possible.  Another key is that they are affordable.  They want Men to look and feel their best without putting a hole in your wallet.  They offer beard, hair, and face products.

Scotch Porter’s Promise

“To provide a healthier, good-for-you and your body products, that are highly effective and easy to use—the rest as they say is up to you. STAY FRESH!”



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