The Lip Bar, A Black Owned Brand Retells The Stories of Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, & Angela Davis for Black History Month.

Legendary Black Women Campaign

“The Lip Bar,” is honoring these legendary women with a campaign titled Telling HerStory.The campaign shows models wearing shades from this beauty brand and portraying these amazing women.  CEO and founder Melissa Butler stated, “Its imperative to tell the stories of the women who came before us so that we can see just how strong we are, just how resilient they were and be constantly reminded that no matter the adversity, we can and will overcome!”

Background The Lip Bar

This is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that not only wants to transform your face but also your mind. Founder Melissa Butler, wanted a beauty brand that didn’t compromise your health but could also expressed your own personal beauty without the standards. She started making lipsticks in her kitchen and defined her own standard. She believes a pop of color will give you enough confidence to take on the day.  She created this brand not for the love of makeup, but the women who are “unapologetically” themselves.

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