Urban Intellectuals Launches Black History Flashcards to Educate, Empower, & Engage Our Youth

Looking for a site that provides black history, culture, and education?


Urban Intellectuals is dedicated to bringing discussion to the community. This platform came from the story of a young boy who grew up during “The Great Depression” in the South.  As he became of age he became aware of the mis-education is schools, so he took a stand to educate, empower, and engage. From the lessons of his father and built upon the spirit of the black communities greatest thinkers and doers he was able to build this site.


Urban Intellectuals is a multi-dimensional platform, with a website, mobile app, and social media assets. They offer positive news articles, a growing library of historical profiles, daily black history facts, a social networking platform, videos, audio, and more.  You can sign up to join the discussion or just navigate through their amazing site. (www.urbanintellectuals.com)

To purchase their educational black history flash cards click here.





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